Fish Bingo 2023/2024

December - One Line

January - Postage Stamp

February - Black Out

First person to complete the outlined bingo task for the month will receive a Panoramic gift (Hat, T-shirt, Toque) and three entries for the draw. 

All persons able to complete the outlined task for the month will have their name entered to the draw. Draw will be completed at the end of the corresponding month. 

Each month will have a different company prize package from some of our sponsors, partners, and supporters including: 

Stillwater Adventures


Harvester Outdoors


Photos are to be taken of each bingo square task outlining what the task was, once you have fulfilled a bingo task within that month please tag @panoramicoutdoors in all necessary photos corresponding to each square. Then please send all photos for that bingo months task along with a photo of the bingo card to Panoramic Outdoors on Instagram.

Please play fair and only use photos taken during the contest December 2023, January 2024, and February 2024.

Please print this photo PDF to use as your card or click this Link