The Panoramic Crew

Sheldon Grant is one of the founders of the group, and leads the way in design and marketing. Sheldon spends a lot of time literally at the drawing board! Doing Linework for his day job, he does take advantage of his time off at his dads acreage scouting for deer.

Tristan Dreilich is one of the founders of the group and our all around jack of all trades, if it’s getting ideas and guests lined up for the podcast, taking remarkable snaps or in the kitchen smokin meats he does it all! After sitting at a desk all week he loves nothing more than wetting a line at the lake, or blending a whiskey around the fire.

Brennan joined Panoramic Outdoors in mid 2023. He is often working away in the west, but during he home time he enjoys rattling for whitetails, cooking meat on the Traeger, and sipping on a glass of whiskey.

April has been working with Panoramic Outdoors behind the scenes for years, helping in little ways mostly content. April now works on content creation for social media, blogs, and the website while also hosting the podcast and hosting the merchandise. She loves all things outdoors mostly bowhunting, archery, and shed hunting.

Chase Dreilich is one of the Founders of Panoramic Outdoors, although he may not be seen on the Panoramic Outdoors social media or heard on the podcast, Chase is at the heart of all we do. He is a family man and is often found with his partner and two kids taking in activities around the province, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.