Panoramic's Favourite Four Ice Fishing Lures

As ice fishing season continues, we come to a spot in the year where you might be wondering what happened to that “fire bite” everyone was talking about. This is the time we start to get some questions like “I can’t get them to bite, what are you using?” This is the time of year that happens right before "March Madness."

So to help maximize your chances, and give you some options, we’ve created a list of our top four favourite ice fishing lures. In this blog post, we'll explore four of our favourite ice fishing lures that have proven their worth on frozen Manitoba waters: the Northland Tackle Glass Buckshot Spoon, Northland Tackle Thumper Jig, classic Silver Spoon, and the ever-effective Rattle Bait.

  1. Northland Tackle Glass Buckshot Spoon
  • The Glass Buckshot Spoon from Northland Tackle is a game-changer for ice anglers. Its transparent design mimics the appearance of injured baitfish, making it irresistible to predatory species like walleye and pike. The glass construction adds an extra dimension by reflecting light in all directions, grabbing the attention of lurking fish even in low-light conditions. When the bite is tough Brennan and April suggest the Glass Buckshot Spoon for it’s small presentation helping to keep finicky walleye feeding when the bite has slowed.
  1. Northland Tackle Thumper Jig
  • It’s like a “jig n Minna” but better, the Northland Tackle Thumper Jig. This lure is designed to deliver a subtle yet enticing action, mimicking the movements of injured prey with the small belly blade beneath the jig head. It’s unique jig head shape mimics a minnow head while the softly thumping blade creates vibrations that resonate through the water, attracting curious fish from a distance. The Thumper Jig's lifelike motion when tipped with a plastic or real minnow is Tristen’s favourite, and is sure to trigger strikes when other lures fall short.
  1. Simple Spoon
  • Sometimes, the classics endure for a reason, and the Simple Spoon is a testament to that. Your basic spoon has been a staple in ice fishing tackle boxes for generations. Its shiny, metallic finish with occasional colours mimics the colours and flash of a distressed baitfish falling it’s way through the water column. This makes it a reliable choice for a variety of species including pike, walleye, trout, perch, and more. Want to use your favourite spoon on many species? Just grab the same colour in different sizes! One of our favourite colours is silver, silver and blue, as well as pinks, oranges, and chartreuse. A spoon's versatility and simplicity make it an essential lure for any ice angler looking for a tried-and-true classic option.
  1. Good Ol' Rattle Bait
  • When you need to make some noise under the ice, the Strike King Red Eyed Shad is Sheldon's favourite that steps up to the plate. Its built-in rattles emit vibrations that cut through the cold water, grabbing the attention of predatory fish even from a distance. This lure excels in attracting aggressive species like big walleye and northern pike. Experiment with different retrieval speeds and jigging techniques to find the rhythm that entices fish to strike. The Rattle Bait's ability to provoke a reaction makes it a must-have in your ice fishing toolkit.

As you prepare for your next ice fishing adventure, consider adding these four exceptional lures to your collection. The Northland Tackle Glass Buckshot Spoon, Thumper Jig, Classic Spoon, and the attention-grabbing Strike King Rattle Baits each bring a unique set of qualities to the table, increasing your chances of a successful day on the frozen water.

Think we missed a smart ice fishing lure option? Let us know in the comments, we’d be happy to hear your opinions on a good lure for your favourite species.

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