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Panoramic's Favourite Four Ice Fishing Lures

As ice fishing season continues, we come to a spot in the year where you might be wondering what happened to that “fire bite” everyone was talking about. This is the time we start to get some questions like “I can’t get them to bite, what are you using?” This is the time of year that happens right before "March Madness." So to help maximize your chances, and give you some options, we’ve created a list of our top four favourite ice fishing lures. In this blog post, we'll explore four of our favourite ice fishing lures that have proven their worth on frozen Manitoba waters: the Northland Tackle Glass Buckshot Spoon, Northland Tackle Thumper Jig, classic Silver Spoon, and...

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Canvas Camping In Cold Weather - How To Enjoy It

When winter’s are as beautiful as this one, we start itching to be outdoors more. Beautiful winters offer a unique opportunity to be outdoors more and try our hand at outdoor activities we often find hard in the winter. One such activity that is taking the world by storm is Canvas Tent Camping. In this post, we'll delve into the challenges and rewards of winter camping in a canvas tent, offering valuable insights and tips to ensure a cozy and memorable experience. Winter camping in a canvas tent presents a set of challenges distinct from other seasons. The rewards, however, include pretty landscapes, crisp air, and the opportunity to witness nature in a state of peaceful hibernation. Before heading out...

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Big Woods, Big Bulls: Be Patient and Repetitive… and Patient and Repetitive

Now, here’s where this whole 3-part strategy really comes together and hopefully pays off. You’ve done all the work and planning to have to perfect opening day and kill a bull. Problem is, you probably won’t see a bull on your first day! Yes, it does happen,  just not that often. The real secret to this whole strategy is… Repetition and patience!! 

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Big Woods, Big Bulls - Make a Plan and Follow It

You've read part 1 of this 3 part series and have become more familiar with your intended hunting area. Now, it’s time to make a plan. Let's be clear, I’m not saying that you must stick to a rigid plan never deviate from it. Far from it, a plan is simply a starting point and should always be adapted as the hunt progresses. The main idea with having a plan is to avoid wasting precious hours afield in order to maximize your odds of getting a successful opportunity to shoot a bull this fall! With your fresh list of e-scouted calling spots from Part 1, you now need to decide how and when you intend to hunt these spots. It is...

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