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Big Woods, Big Bulls: Be Patient and Repetitive… and Patient and Repetitive

Now, here’s where this whole 3-part strategy really comes together and hopefully pays off. You’ve done all the work and planning to have to perfect opening day and kill a bull. Problem is, you probably won’t see a bull on your first day! Yes, it does happen,  just not that often. The real secret to this whole strategy is… Repetition and patience!! 

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Big Woods, Big Bulls - Make a Plan and Follow It

You've read part 1 of this 3 part series and have become more familiar with your intended hunting area. Now, it’s time to make a plan. Let's be clear, I’m not saying that you must stick to a rigid plan never deviate from it. Far from it, a plan is simply a starting point and should always be adapted as the hunt progresses. The main idea with having a plan is to avoid wasting precious hours afield in order to maximize your odds of getting a successful opportunity to shoot a bull this fall! With your fresh list of e-scouted calling spots from Part 1, you now need to decide how and when you intend to hunt these spots. It is...

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Makin' Hay Opening Day

As unpredictable as elk usually are, I was fortunate enough to pattern a small herd to be feeding across a stubble field between heavily treed pasture and standing corn.  Having eyes on them morning and night for 3 continual days before the season, I was able to identify the two main points of entry which they were using in and out of the timber.  Although 12 elk nonchalantly crossed the field opening morning, I unfortunately chose the wrong trail to set up on.  Sitting in anguish, but knowing there was really no other choice, I decided to not pressure.  Admittedly I did at first take a few steps closer, but soon thereafter my brain sent a clear message to not mess...

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